We enjoy new experiences
We reinvent ourselves
We drive for innovation

Codimax is a Belgian company located in Brussels, in the center of Europe.

Since being set up in 2013, the company has gained experience in the fields of cosmetics, distribution and media.

From the outset, Codimax has always believed in the importance of surrounding itself with open minded collaborators interested in the most recent trends, always looking up forward and not afraid to take up new challenges.

Over time, the company naturally decided to specialize in the distribution of high-quality products that offer a significant added value comparing to other products already available on the market in the BENELUX region. The company mainly focuses on natural, fair, environmental-friendly products providing health benefits and contributing to the wellbeing.

Codimax is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities.

Our motto:


Our core values


Combined strengths

International mindset

Entrepreunarial spirit

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